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Re: Emacs and Gud

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Emacs and Gud
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 19:15:37 +1300

> > Before Googling, it would be a good idea to read the Emacs manual.
> > Assuming that you have Emacs 22.1 there is a whole section for the GDB
> > Graphical Interface.

> Yes - That's what Google found

You shouldn't have to use Google as the Emacs manual is included in the Emacs
tarball, so it should be on your system unless Suse package documentation
separately like Debian.

> ...
> It says:-

> Run gdb (like this):
> gdb /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup

That's odd because Emacs 21.x looked like this but Emacs 22.1 should look

Run gdb (like this):
gdb --annotate=3 /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup

> simsoup is the name of my program. Hitting enter starts gdb, but only in
> text mode.

> Since my original posting I have found that if I don't load ECB, then
> graphical debugging works. However, I would like to be able to use both ECB
> and graphical debugging. Any thoughts?

I've not used ECB but I have read a comment in ecb-compatibility.el that says
that gdb-ui.el's use of dedicated windows might conflict with ECB's so it's
possible that they have configured Emacs to just use text mode.  However, even
in this case Emacs 22.1 should look like this:

Run gdb (like this):
gdb --fullname /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup

or this:

Run gdb (like this):
gdb --annotate=1 /home/chris/mydata/Projects/SimSoup/simsoup-cpp/simsoup/simsoup

What value does gud-gdb-command-name have?


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