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saving messages

From: David Rod
Subject: saving messages
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2007 17:04:45 +0000
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When I am reading newsgroup I want to save a message so I can read it
later. If I press * this marks it and it is no longer visible when I
exit the group and return to the group.
If I press ! it is always visible but clutters up the Summary window.
If I press o I get into big trouble. Lot's of possibilities and it often
overwrites another file.  If I have appended 10 messages into one file
and then accidentally overwrite it I will be annoyed.
Sorry to lower the scale, but I am trying to learn how to use gnus.
What is the standard procedure to save messages, and then to view these
inside of group by the group buffer, perhaps from different saved locations

David Rod

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