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Re: saving messages

From: reader
Subject: Re: saving messages
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 11:21:13 -0600
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David Rod <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> When I am reading newsgroup I want to save a message so I can read it
> later. If I press * this marks it and it is no longer visible when I
> exit the group and return to the group.
> If I press ! it is always visible but clutters up the Summary window.
> If I press o I get into big trouble. Lot's of possibilities and it often
> overwrites another file.  If I have appended 10 messages into one file
> and then accidentally overwrite it I will be annoyed.
> Sorry to lower the scale, but I am trying to learn how to use gnus.
> What is the standard procedure to save messages, and then to view these
> inside of group by the group buffer, perhaps from different saved locations
> locally.

I may be missing something important in your question but can't you
copy the message to anywhere you like with `B c' in summary buffer?
Or did you mean to automate the process?

If you mean you want the message to stay in the Newsgroup you can
tic it with `?' to make it dormant (Invisible when entering group)

In the group you can redisplay dormant messages with / D <thats 
forward slash uppercase D> 

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