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doc-view.el under windows

From: Corey Foote
Subject: doc-view.el under windows
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 10:34:50 -0500

Hello everybody,

I'm having trouble getting doc-view.el to work on GNU Emacs under Windows XP. The problem I'm having when I try to load a PDF, the document is never displayed. The "Welcome to DocView" message is displayed in the DocView buffer and "DocView: using cached files!" is displayed in the minibuffer, but no PDF file ever appears. The first page should be showing up, because I have left doc-view-conversion-refresh-interval set to the default of 3.

Any suggestions?



Corey Foote

P.S. The relevant portion of my .emacs file is:
(require 'doc-view)
(defvar doc-view-ghostscript-program "gswin32c.exe")

and I have dvipdfm and pdftotext installed. I downloaded xpdf from:

and for ghostscript I'm running gs8.54. Hope this helps!

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