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Re: What do you think of new vimpulse-mode which emulates vim keys? (was

From: stianse
Subject: Re: What do you think of new vimpulse-mode which emulates vim keys? (was: Re: need advice about fixing up my new vimpact-mode, a Vim emulation mode based on viper-mode)
Date: 28 Mar 2007 06:36:41 -0700
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On Mar 12, 10:19 pm, "Jason Spiro" <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 2007/2/20, I wrote:
> > A new development: After sending out this email, Alessandro mailed me
> > privately about his own vim emulation code. I will send it to you
> > privately and also to whoever wants. It is public domain license; I
> > hope to rename the code and post it on EmacsWiki.
> I have posted Alessandro'svimpulsecode 
> at what do you think of it?
> Cheers,
> Jason
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Great, I just recently discovered viper-mode and vimpulse made it even
better. I have only tried it for a couple of days, so I don't have any
constructive feedback at the moment, except one modification I had to
make in vimpulse.el. In order to make it work I had to delete the line


from the function my-get-emulation-keymap(). Without this I got an
error message telling me that viper--key-maps variable was void,
resulting in not being able to do anything in emacs (not even close
the window).  Does this have any impact on the available features in
vimpulse? I use an emacs-snapshot from 2005-12-03 by the way.

- Stian

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