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Re: Compile mode in emacs!!

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: Compile mode in emacs!!
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 17:20:03 +0200

Am 28.03.2007 um 14:51 schrieb Nazir:

>What is your command to "open emacs?"
"emacs &" from the tcsh

And is this executable "emacs" a binary, a shell script, a sym-link to whatever?

>If the GNU Emacs binary is launched from a shell as 'emacs &' than no
>other file is involved in setting PATH – except you have in some
>ELisp file a statement like  ....
Is that to be added in the .emacs file? Or which ELISP file are you referring to?

You can set in Lisp a PATH environment variable:

        (setenv "PATH" "the right one")

but this can be dangerous when you change path or PATH for your login and interactive shells.

May be once the path is set in this file, emacs could get the right PATH variable?

I suppose so.

Also, I tht if we start emacs from a terminal , it should take that same PATH as that is set in that terminal !!

GNU Emacs should inherit this value. Therefore I am asking another time if your "emacs" command is some shell script that manipulates path or PATH.


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