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Re: java project classpath in emacs

From: rob wahoo
Subject: Re: java project classpath in emacs
Date: 28 Mar 2007 06:25:44 -0700
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Are you sure the jde-global-classpath is getting set when you switch
between projects?

When you are in an open java file from project A what is the value of
jde-global-classpath? When you switch to a java file in project B what
is the value of the jde-global-classpath?

Also, are you explicitly adding each .jar in the lib directory to your


On Mar 28, 4:49 am, QinGW <address@hidden> wrote:
> hello,everybody!
>         how can I get different classpath value when I load different
>         java project?
>         for example:
> 1)        project A
>           it's classpath as following:
>           /home/qingwu/source/A/src
>           /home/qingwu/source/A/lib
>           /home/qingwu/source/A/build/classes
> 2)        project B
>           it's classpath as following:
>           /home/qingwu/source/B/src
>           /home/qingwu/source/B/lib
>           /home/qingwu/source/B/build/classes
> I have setted "jde-global-classpath" variable using different value in
> prj.el and add hook to jde-mode, but I still can't find lib package when I 
> compile one java
> source file.
> my env:emacs jde ant
> Thanks very much, qingwu

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