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Re: Is there an emacs security answer vs vim??

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: Is there an emacs security answer vs vim??
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 19:39:55 +1100
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William Case <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi;
> I use emacs.  I posed a security question on the Fedora list.  Got some
> useful answers but then the thread drifted off to a discussion of vim
> -x.  No mention of emacs.  Is there an emacs answer?
> Original question: 
> "Need suggestions for a good lockbox -- a specialized application or an
> appropriate technique for locking away sensitive personal information.
> I am not normally a paranoid security freak. I keep my single user (and
> occasional guests) desktop and Internet system fairly open and loose.
> However, I would like to create one secure file or folder in which I can
> record as text things like a long list of user names and passwords for
> web sites -- to range from minor not often used sites, to Bank Accounts,
> paypal, some personal data with serial numbers etc.
> Is there a special program that exists for creating and locking up such
> a file without interfering with my generally open way of doing things?
> Any recommendations graciously received."
> Vim answer:
> "If you want something really simple, there is:
> vi -x filename  It will prompt for the encryption key and keep the file
> copy encrypted."
> My thread then drifted into a discussion by respondents about vim -x !

It sounds like your looking for crypt++. With this mode, you encrypt a
file with a key and then whenever you try to open the file again in
emacs, it will ask you for the key (passphrase). Essentially, it
sounds like it gives the same functionality as vi -x except you can
visit the files from within dired and the decryption/encryption
process is handled automagically for you. I use this witha file called
ccard, which contains my credit card info. When I want to purcahse
soemthing from a web site, I simply cut and past the info. 

I use debian and crypt++ is available as a debian package. however,
you can probably find a pointer to where the source can be downloaded
on the emacs wiki page at



tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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