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Is there an emacs security answer vs vim??

From: William Case
Subject: Is there an emacs security answer vs vim??
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 13:32:20 -0500


I use emacs.  I posed a security question on the Fedora list.  Got some
useful answers but then the thread drifted off to a discussion of vim
-x.  No mention of emacs.  Is there an emacs answer?

Original question: 
"Need suggestions for a good lockbox -- a specialized application or an
appropriate technique for locking away sensitive personal information.

I am not normally a paranoid security freak. I keep my single user (and
occasional guests) desktop and Internet system fairly open and loose.
However, I would like to create one secure file or folder in which I can
record as text things like a long list of user names and passwords for
web sites -- to range from minor not often used sites, to Bank Accounts,
paypal, some personal data with serial numbers etc.

Is there a special program that exists for creating and locking up such
a file without interfering with my generally open way of doing things?
Any recommendations graciously received."

Vim answer:
"If you want something really simple, there is:
vi -x filename  It will prompt for the encryption key and keep the file
copy encrypted."

My thread then drifted into a discussion by respondents about vim -x !

I prefer using emacs, is there a way to use or set up a protected
(encrypted ??) emacs file or directory?

Regards Bill

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