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Re: Is there an emacs security answer vs vim??

From: Erich Wälde
Subject: Re: Is there an emacs security answer vs vim??
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:01:50 +0100
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William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> I use emacs.  
> Vim answer:
> "If you want something really simple, there is:
> vi -x filename  It will prompt for the encryption key and keep the file
> copy encrypted."
> My thread then drifted into a discussion by respondents about vim -x !
> I prefer using emacs, is there a way to use or set up a protected
> (encrypted ??) emacs file or directory?

Check out   -> Modes -> AutoEncryption

for more information. I'm using crypt++, starting off with a file,
file.txt say, I encrypt it manually the first time
$ gpg --symmetric --armor file.txt
Enter passphrase:
repeat passphrase:

This creates a new file "file.txt.asc", which I open with emacs
(assuming crypt++ to be set up). This will ask for the passphrase,
then decrypt the file for me into the buffer. When saving the file, it
will be encrypted again. You can then remove the cleartext file.

The use of "--armor" is disputable. While editing the file, there is
something like a autosave-file, the contents is clear in an emacs
buffer. This can be a problem on systems with more people logged in at
any time. So, I guess, this is not good for all possible scenarios.
Sadly crypt++ is not actively maintained any more. Volunteers, anyone?


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