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easy-menu: wrong-type-argument keymapp

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: easy-menu: wrong-type-argument keymapp
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 15:31:05 -0800
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:-) Since easy-menu seems to be the topic dejour here's what's
teasing my brain today......

The following code works in xemacs, but generates
an error message from emacs where this
code is in .emacs:
(easy-menu-add-item  nil '("File") ["Load Desktop" desktop-read t])

;; and the error message is:
(wrong-type-argument keymapp nil)
 define-key(nil [menu-bar File] ("File" keymap "File"))

 easy-menu-add-item documentation tells me (I think)
 that nil defaults to global keymap.

 Any help would be appreciated. Furthermore, I've
 taken over a orphaned major mode to which I've added
 easy-menu code that works in xemacs but not in emacs,
 so this is a first step in resolving these performances
 between forks.

Tim Johnson <address@hidden>

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