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Re: easy-menu: wrong-type-argument keymapp

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: easy-menu: wrong-type-argument keymapp
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 19:04:03 -0800
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* Drew Adams <address@hidden> [050528 08:29]:
>Looks like it is just the "file" path/menu that is creating
>      a problem.
> Ah, File only - that rings a bell. I ran into this when trying to use a
> version of printing.el that fit with an older (mid 2004) version of Emacs.
> I believe that the problem is the version of Emacs you are using and its fit
> with your code wrt the File option. At some point last year, they changed
> the internal name of the File option. Here is what Vinicius Latorre
> (printing.el author) wrote to me about that:
> (easymenu).
<...> Yep. In this case I just changed 'path-name' to "files" to make it
      work successfully .... am moving to a cleaner distro soon.
Tim Johnson <address@hidden>

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