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Re: X Resources?

From: don provan
Subject: Re: X Resources?
Date: 19 May 2005 00:40:06 -0700
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Dhruva Krishnamurthy <address@hidden> writes:
> dp> Funny you should mention that: I also share my .emacs between various
> dp> systems, which is exactly why I use X resources: I give emacs (as well as
> dp> other applications) different color schemes depending on where the
> dp> application is running to help me keep them straight.
> This will worn on UNIX like OS's. Does this work on Windoze box (where there
> is no concept of X)? 
> Maybe, you need a combination of the two.
> I check the symbol to check if running under X: (boundp 'x-resource-name)

I just let Windows use the default colors, but it turns out that
I don't use Emacs on Windows very much. I mainly use Windows as an
X-server for applications such as Emacs running on real systems.

> Since, even on MS-Windows, you could have a CYGWIN build using XFree86
> server. I have not tried it on CYGWIN though.

It works fine, but personally I like running the native Emacs for
Windows. I mean, X is OK, but a native Windows application is better.
Besides, CygWin puts you in that hinky simulated Unix disk that
doesn't agree with the real file system. Anyone have some Emacs code
to help with that little Snafu? It all seems so reasonable until you
run into the cases where two applications don't agree on what a file's
name is.


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