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Re: eudc fails with bbdb

From: Sébastien Kirche
Subject: Re: eudc fails with bbdb
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 18:42:24 +0200
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Le 15 avr 2005, Stefan Monnier a formulé :

> > > > I have tried to byte-recompile the bbdb lisp files, but it keeps
> > > > on failing withe same "invalid-function".
> > > Since the  error is in  eudc-bbdb-extract-phones, recompiling bbdb
> > > won't help. How could I have explained it better?
> > Sorry, i  did not understand the problem  in that way :  i though it
> > was due to bbdb.
> I figured  that much,  which is why  I ask  (again): how could  I have
> explained it better?

I am sorry Stefan, the problem seems to be there between my chair and my
keyboard : I  am not that familiar with lisp debugging  and I focused my
- to  your other sentence «Such an  error is almost invariably  due to a
  miscompiled file» 
- and  to the fact  that the last  function listed by the  backtrace is
  bbdb-record-phones that is part of bbdb. 

That's  why  I  kept  on  compiling  bbdb.el  while  you  were  pointing
eudc-bbdb-extract-phones to me.

> > by a simple (require 'bbdb) or (require 'bbdb nil t) ?
> It should  be just (require 'bbdb),  I guess, except that  BBDB is not
> part of  Emacs, so we  can't properly compile eudcb-bbdb.el  in Emacs.
> I.e. another solution is required.
> > As using eudcb-bbdb implies the use of bbdb...
> But it gets compiled long  before knowing whether you're going to ever
> use it.
> > Should it be forwarded to emacs-devel ? What do you think of it ?
> Of course.

I will send such a report in few.

> (Re-)Read the INSTALL.CVS file.

Are  you talking  about that  part  (otherwise i  don't understand  your
remark) ?
| Occasionally the file "lisp/loaddefs.el" will need be updated to reflect
| new autoloaded functions.  If you see errors about undefined lisp
| functions during compilation, that may be the reason.  Another symptom
| may be an error saying that "loaddefs.el" could not be found; this is
| due to a change in the way loaddefs.el was handled in CVS, and should
| only happen once, for users that are updating old CVS trees.
| To update loaddefs.el, do:
|   $ cd lisp
|   $ make autoloads EMACS=../src/emacs
| If either of above procedures fails, try "make bootstrap".
But I actually don't know if loaddefs.el is concerned by that problem.

Anyway, it  was not obvious  to me that  installing a package  like bbdb
would  need to  modify already  installed  files other  than just  usual
.emacs/.gnus config files.

Sébastien Kirche

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