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Re: eudc fails with bbdb

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: eudc fails with bbdb
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:53:01 -0400
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>> > I have tried to byte-recompile the bbdb lisp files, but it keeps on
>> > failing withe same "invalid-function".
>> Since the error is in eudc-bbdb-extract-phones, recompiling bbdb won't
>> help. How could I have explained it better?

> Sorry, i did  not understand the problem  in that way : i  though it was
> due to bbdb.

I figured that much, which is why I ask (again): how could I have explained
it better?

> by a simple (require 'bbdb) or (require 'bbdb nil t) ?

It should be just (require 'bbdb), I guess, except that BBDB is not part of
Emacs, so we can't properly compile eudcb-bbdb.el in Emacs.  I.e. another
solution is required.

> As using eudcb-bbdb implies the use of bbdb...

But it gets compiled long before knowing whether you're going to ever use it.

> Should it be forwarded to emacs-devel ? What do you think of it ?

Of course.  (Re-)Read the INSTALL.CVS file.


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