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Re: emacs and osx

From: Bob Hunter
Subject: Re: emacs and osx
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 18:08:23 GMT
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David Kastrup wrote:
Bob Hunter <address@hidden> writes:

Lute Kamstra wrote:


This "editor" needs to go on diet...

We feel that it's important that you can play Tetris with Emacs.

It never crossed my mind, and chances are that it never will. I always
wondered the real utility of those extra files. It may be the case
that emacs is a lisp interpreter and those are just demos?

Well, that describes the whole of Emacs pretty well.

I would rather choose to have those "extras" than being forced to
like them...

Nobody forces you to like them.

To have tetris in the main distribution is kind of forcing. I would rather choose to have it, rather than just have it.

I would be much happier if emacs would have a better menu (File,
Edit, etc.) along the lines of ... any other application.

One has nothing to do with the other.  And Emacs pretty much existed
before "any other application" and will likely exist longer than the
majority of all of them.  So it does not make too much sense to bend
over backwards to be more similar to short-lived applications and
fashions.  It is ok to improve Emacs, but it does not make sense to
warp it beyond recognition.

Oh, no, that was not my intention. Indeed, I meant a "better menu", i.e. one that is more intuitive, and I perceive that other applications, especially under osx, are *much* more intuitive. Perhaps the port of emacs to osx will have the added value of improved user experience? I very much hope so. I very, very, very, ... , very much hope so.


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