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Re: Semantic bovinator question

From: Eric Ludlam
Subject: Re: Semantic bovinator question
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:40 -0000
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>>> address@hidden seems to think that:
>Hi all,
>Firstly - I am trying to accomplish a simple intellisense-type
>completion facility linked to MS .Net project files, so stop me if
>there is one already!
>If there isn't, then I'll attempt it.  It seems the `semantic
>bovinator' can be of considerable help, but I've read the docs just
>now and there's a lot of it.  So I have a few questions:
>- Does it support C++ ?

Yes, though I think there are still a couple obscure cases it does not

>- How do I analyse a buffer?  Everytime I do `M-x bovinate RET' I just
>  get an empty buffer with `nil' popping up.  Do I need to do another
>  stage somewhere?

You need to fully install it.  Each supported major mode needs to have
the correct tables set up so that it knows how to parse it.

If you have downloaded the "cedet" beta package, follow the
CEDET/INSTALL instructions.

>- Once the buffer is analysed I presume I can save it, and call the
>  functions such as `semantic-analyze-possible-completions' ?

Yes.  There are also modes that will do that automatically if you
leave Emacs idle for a little while.


Eric Ludlam                     The MathWorks x 7556 address@hidden                

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