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Re: umlaut problem

From: Christian Hofer
Subject: Re: umlaut problem
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 17:36:39 -0000
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Cor Gest wrote:
You could put in .emacs:

;(setq default-input-method "latin-1-prefix")

or in custom-set-variables '((setq default-input-method "latin-1-prefix")
then in text-mode CTRL-\  starts the input method and you will have

Thank you for your answer. While my problem has disappeared today with starting the next Emacs session, I would still be glad to find out, what the problem was (it is always good to know, how the internals work).

I suppose, I could not make it clear, what my problem is (sorry, my English is not the best). I read in the info what the input-method is, and it does not concern my problem. I have a german keyboard with umlauts, so I suppose I do not need an input method.

On the other hand, the default-input-method variable is set to "german-postfix" (as standard, without setting it in .emacs). But when I try to switch to this input method, I just get the error:
activate-input-method: Can't activate input method `german-postfix'
Not very helpful...)

My problem seems to have been some sort of display problem. Maybe it was the wrong fontset? While the saved file contained all the umlauts I typed (so it does not seem to be an encoding problem), in the Emacs buffer they have been displayed as {"a}.

As I said, I did not find any information about that in the info.


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