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Re: moderators for GNU lists (Re: no offense, but what's up with the Ger

From: EScott
Subject: Re: moderators for GNU lists (Re: no offense, but what's up with the German political ranting & raving?)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:42:19 -0400

Joe Corneli <address@hidden> wrote on 06/21/2004 11:33:38 AM:

>    I don't see enough bogus messages to justify a large effort.
> I think they were really bad about a couple of months ago.  The
> German stuff is unlikely to get caught by any kind of spam filter.
> I think it demonstrates that _if_ the lists are going to be
> moderated, they are going to have to be hand-moderated.
I agree that hand-moderating is the way to go.

> To me it isn't the quantity of spam that _I_ see that's the big
> concern, its the free multi-plexing, whereby each spammer who posts
> to this list gets their message delivered to 100's of people around
> the world.  Take your distraction and multiply it by a big number,
> that's the actual cost of spam on this list.

I agree that giving the bad guys a free ride is not good.  I had not
considered the multiplier effect, either.  You could probably talk me into
changing my mind on that basis.

> Some of the other GNU lists (e.g. gnu-emacs-sources) are far less
> readable, because of a much greater prevalence of spam.

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