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Re: moderators for GNU lists (Re: no offense, but what's up with the Ger

From: EScott
Subject: Re: moderators for GNU lists (Re: no offense, but what's up with the German political ranting & raving?)
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 11:08:35 -0400

I don't see enough bogus messages to justify a large effort.  If they get
more frequent or more objectionable I would agree, and would be prepared to
participate in moderation of the list.

G. Eric Scott
Senior Analyst, Software Development
New York Independent System Operator
187 Wolf Rd.
Albany, NY 12205

(518) 356 7635

address@hidden wrote on 06/21/2004
09:09:01 AM:

> OK, well this just reaffirms for me that the GNU 'mailing
> lists'=='newsgroups' should be moderated.  I was thinking that a
> system whereby anyone who was subscribed to the mailing list could
> also sign up for the power to clear any message for posting to the
> list.  There could be a simple web interface to see which messages
> were in the queue.  It would then be posted to the list with an
> additional header item
> Cleared-by: Jane Q Hacker (address@hidden)
> Moderator-score: 3
> If Jane happens to clear something questionable (Nigerian scams,
> German propaganda, sexdrugs, ...), there should be an easy way to
> take away her moderator power, presumably by using some "democratic"
> ranking mechanism.  More steps could be taken to quell bogosity, but
> I guess you see the idea.
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