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Re: ignore CVS directories with tab complete

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: ignore CVS directories with tab complete
Date: 18 Aug 2003 17:57:29 +0100
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>>>>> "Robert" == Robert Epprecht <address@hidden> writes:

  Robert> Phillip Lord <address@hidden> writes:

  >> 1) C-xC-f to open a file
  >> 2) Move to a directory containing two sub-dirs, one of which is
  >>    CVS/
  >> 3) Hit "tab".
  >> 4) I get *Completions* with "CVS/" offered as one of the
  >>    options. What
  >> I want is for it to ignore CVS, and offer me the other directory.
  >> Is this what you have?

  Robert> GNU Emacs 21.2: Yes, same here.

  Robert> But: C-h v completion-ignored-extensions RET also says:

  Robert> | Documentation: | *Completion ignores filenames ending in
  Robert> any string in this list.  | This variable does not affect
  Robert> lists of possible completions, | but does affect the
  Robert> commands that actually do completions.

  Robert> hmm, maybe I'm a bit dense, but I do not fully understand...
  Robert> Any way it *does not* affect the presented list of
  Robert> completions like the documentation says...

Yeah, I know. I'm just not sure what it means by "does affect the
commands that actually do completions". If I change into a directory
with only a single sub dir, for instance, TAB will automatically
complete this directory, which is what I want to happen!


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