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Re: ignore CVS directories with tab complete

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: ignore CVS directories with tab complete
Date: 18 Aug 2003 13:37:44 +0100
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>>>>> "Kai" == Kai Großjohann <address@hidden> writes:

  Kai> Phillip Lord <address@hidden> writes:

  >> It doesn't seem to make any difference to me. I've tried putting
  >> both "CVS" and "CVS/" into the path, and it still fails.

  Kai> Yeah, but please do C-h v completion-ignored-extensions RET and
  Kai> see if that explicitly mentions subdirs, like mine does:

  Kai>     Directories are ignored if they match any string in this
  Kai>     list which ends in a slash.

I'm sorry Kai, I misunderstood. 

My Emacs does not have this paragraph in. I am running on,
which is relatively recent though. 



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