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Re: setting include directories

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: setting include directories
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 11:05:29 -0600
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Charles Herman wrote:

What is the correct syntax to use when setting the variable

What is unclear about its doc string (available via `C-h v'):

| ff-search-directories's value is
| cc-search-directories
| Documentation:
| *List of directories to search for a specific file.
| Set by default to `cc-search-directories', expanded at run-time.
| This list is searched through with each extension specified in
| `ff-other-file-alist' that matches this file's extension.  So the
| longer the list, the longer it'll take to realise that a file
| may not exist.
| A typical format is
|     '("." "/usr/include" "$PROJECT/*/include")
| Environment variables can be inserted between slashes (`/').
| They will be replaced by their definition. If a variable does
| not exist, it is replaced (silently) with an empty string.
| The stars are *not* wildcards: they are searched for together with
| the preceding slash.  The star represents all the subdirectories except
| `..', and each of these subdirectories will be searched in turn.

(setq ff-search-directories '("/a/b/c" "./d/e/f"))

Kevin Rodgers

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