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Re: My gnuServer notes on Win2000

From: Herb Martin
Subject: Re: My gnuServer notes on Win2000
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 13:53:30 GMT

This fellow has a good article on it -- sort of a much better
version of my previous post (neat, formatted, more tips,
more code, etc.):

>  David Vanderschel

The trick on focus is "gnuClientW -f"  the -f bring the window
to the front with focus.

I added this BEFORE my "" loop so Emacs come
front, the files load as I watch -- and if there are no files in the
pattern, it just comes first.  (He put %1 in there statically and so
when there is NO %1, it makes a %1 buffer.  The for loop
covers a lot of little 'gotchas' in windows.)

@D:\Programs\emacs\bin\gnuclientw -f
@for %%a in (%*) do @echo %%a & @D:\Programs\emacs\bin\gnuclientw %%a

I add very little to the path -- if there is ONE (or two) files in a
the above batch pattern works great -- put THAT in your "bat" or "util"
directory, with either the same name as the program or a "short nickname."

David V. like Winkey from Copernic.Com and so do I -- WinKey-x is
now the quickkey for bringing Emacs front, or starting it if necessary (it's
got the full path to gnuclient -f

I try to avoid the built-in WinKeys:
  Windows Key + D:  Show Desktop*
  Windows Key + E:  Windows Explorer
  Windows Key + F:  Find Files or Folders...
  Windows Key + M:  Minimize All Windows
  Windows Key + Shift+M: Undo Minimize All
  Windows Key + R:  Run...
  Windows Key + Tab: Select Task
  Windows Key + Break: System Properties
  Windows Key + F1:  Windows Help

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