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Re: My gnuServer notes on Win2000

From: Matthias Rempe
Subject: Re: My gnuServer notes on Win2000
Date: 10 Aug 2003 15:05:54 +0200
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>>>>> "HM" == Herb Martin <address@hidden> writes:

    > I have trouble getting gnuServ gnuClient (gnuClientW) to work
    > (I'm new to Emacs) but this is what I found.

    > I put all the gnu* executables on my path but that didn't help,
    > so I shoved them into the emacs\bin directory and found/wrote
    > some code to make it work without having to add THAT to the
    > path....

hmm, I have the executables in emacs\bin, too, however, I've added
emacs\bin to the Windows PATH variable.

As far as I remember, there are different versions of gnuclient (my
works with mailslots, the other with ports?). I use "gnuclient 1.7 (27
Feb 1997)", "gnuserv 1.5 (27 Feb 1997)", and "gnudoit 1.3 (27 Feb

    > I needed this snippet of code (for .emacs file):

I've nearly the same snippet, I think I got it from a post by Charles

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Start GNUServ
;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; comments from C. Curley
;; start gnuserv stuff. Put it up front so you don't get into a timeout
;; problem, according to Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn
;; <address@hidden>
(if (memq window-system '(win32 w32)) ; Windows NT/95    
      (require 'gnuserv)
      ;;; open buffer in existing frame instead of creating new one...      
      (setq gnuserv-frame (selected-frame))
      (message "gnuserv started.")))

;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

In my site-lisp directory, I have gnuserv.el:

(defconst gnuserv-rcs-header-id "$Header: gnuserv.el,v 2.1a 98/10/03
14:28:00 saurian $")

I then associated files in Explorer with gnuclientw, e.g.: 
  txt -> open: gnuclientw.exe "%1"

Doubleclicking on a txt file then opens it in Emacs.


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