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Re: MS Windows "Alt-Menu" support

From: Javier Oviedo
Subject: Re: MS Windows "Alt-Menu" support
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 10:03:01 -0400

I was given the function below from someone on this newsgroup. I bind this
function to M-` (Alt-`) and then type the letter of the particular menu item
to bring that up....arrow keys also work. I hope this is helpful.

M-` F  ==> File
M-` E  ==> Edit

;;; Emulate ALT+
(defun jbr-w32-simulate-Alt-tap ()
  (w32-send-sys-command 61696))


"Herb Martin" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> [I am a "macro editor kind of guy going way back but
> have always ended up giving up on Windows Emacs
> do to inconsistencies in the user interface by have
> finally made a rule to USE IT, until it seems natural --
> and change only what I must from the defaults at first.]
> Obviously Alt-F File, Alt-H Help, etc., conflict with
> other Meta key sequences.
> How have others solved this issue (beside just adapting
> as I miss my Alt-F Save file etc.)
> Several options I am considering:
>     1) Use <F10 key> (this has always been an alternative to Alt-key)
>         (requires much retraining of my hand and brain but might be best
>         since it will continue to work on OTHER Windows systems.)
>     2) Make up another key sequence, e.g., "Ctrl-Alt etc" for the
>         Win-menu keys.
>     3) Redefine all the Alt-keys for emacs (worse than above probably)
>     4) Use the Esc-key meta sequence and get the Alt-key sequence back
>         for Windows menus
> Something else?
> What do those of you who use MS Windows habitually and love Emacs do
> or recommend that you have seen work for someone?
> And if you know of a ready made solution please let me know.  (Please
> note that I am NOT talking about basic CUA functionality as that is
> working just fine.)
>     4) Find another lead-in (a la F10) for the menu keys

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