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Re: MS Windows "Alt-Menu" support

From: Herb Martin
Subject: Re: MS Windows "Alt-Menu" support
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 11:50:21 GMT

[Thanks to everyone who was responding and thinking
it through with me....I appreciate it.  I am actually responding
to everyone who tried to help (so far) in this one message.]

> Maybe you could try freeing the left "flying window" key (if you have
> a Windows version there this is possible) for that purpose. See

That is a pretty good idea but as far as I know that
WinKey is "desktop global" and would require applet
code outside of emacs and mess up things like minimize
all windows, run apps, etc.

(I actually use the silly thing and even have such  program
which let's me map more keys to it to run stuff.)

Also, it would have to work for all "arbitrary" Menu items
and that doesn't seem likely.

Peter says, avoid the menus, but like some of you now have
the Meta keys in your DNA, Alt-F Save and such are
embedded in my HANDS as neural networks my brain does
not have to consider.

I tend to use menus without the mouse; using the hot/accelerator

F10 seems to be the best "general" solution so far.  Oh, well,
new DNA for me.

Javier's nice little "simulate-Alt-tap" function (the name actually)
gave me the idea that what might work best was a "alt-release"
does the menus" and otherwise it's a Meta key (or maybe
alt-double-tap as an option)

Because most of us never notice but Alt-F on Windows can
be Alt THEN F and it works just fine for File.  So we
differentate Meta-Key from Alt then Key and only a small
DNA adaptation is needed for the hueman.  <grin>

Now I have to figure out how to do that and how to add
accelerators to SOME of the menu settings -- I just noticed that
the 'accelerators' are "Start Menu" style where the first "S"
goes to the first, then second etc, rather than being an auto
S-selection UNLESS there is only one....

Ok, general principle "don't fight it" unless it's necessary, and
the accelerator behavior might be BETTER -- I use that in
the Start Menus anyway.

Anyone who read this far, thanks for thinking it through.

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