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MS Windows "Alt-Menu" support

From: Herb Martin
Subject: MS Windows "Alt-Menu" support
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 02:21:38 GMT

[I am a "macro editor kind of guy going way back but
have always ended up giving up on Windows Emacs
do to inconsistencies in the user interface by have
finally made a rule to USE IT, until it seems natural --
and change only what I must from the defaults at first.]

Obviously Alt-F File, Alt-H Help, etc., conflict with
other Meta key sequences.

How have others solved this issue (beside just adapting
as I miss my Alt-F Save file etc.)

Several options I am considering:
    1) Use <F10 key> (this has always been an alternative to Alt-key)
        (requires much retraining of my hand and brain but might be best
        since it will continue to work on OTHER Windows systems.)
    2) Make up another key sequence, e.g., "Ctrl-Alt etc" for the
        Win-menu keys.
    3) Redefine all the Alt-keys for emacs (worse than above probably)
    4) Use the Esc-key meta sequence and get the Alt-key sequence back
        for Windows menus

Something else?

What do those of you who use MS Windows habitually and love Emacs do
or recommend that you have seen work for someone?

And if you know of a ready made solution please let me know.  (Please
note that I am NOT talking about basic CUA functionality as that is
working just fine.)

    4) Find another lead-in (a la F10) for the menu keys

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