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Re: Minibuffer and Dabbrev problems

From: K T Ligesh
Subject: Re: Minibuffer and Dabbrev problems
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 17:41:27 +0530
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On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 11:39:53AM -0600, Kevin Rodgers wrote:
>      K T Ligesh wrote:
>      > 1) Minibuffer Error Messages:
>      >
>      >  When I move around in the minibuffer, I get error messages like "End
>      >  of History" and the message persists for a few seconds which is
>      >  extremely irritating. I searched and found that the error messages
>      >  are -built into- the search-previous-history commands etc..

 You mean, you cannot 'return' from a function without generating an error 
message? Elisp doesn't have a straight 'return' statement?

>      >  Those error messages are really screwing up my brain. Sort of like
>      >  speedbreakers that block my flow of thought.. So I would like some
>      >  help before I go completely insane...
>      Relax, have a home brew.

 Actually coming from the vim world, all these error messages are sort of 
strange. For a person used to just a beep, after some time, these messages can 
get into your head.

 There should be some option for advanced users to turn off -all- error 
messages; they do cause certain discomfort. But I guess, that is not trivially 
possible. I will just have to rewrite those functions without those error 
messages...  That will mean a lot of rewrite though....

 I noticed Emacs does not try to be Keyboard efficient. Pressing 2 <C-s> to get 
to the next match seems almost preposterous to me. (In vim it is just an 'n' - 
the difference is huge) Yeah, but I guess it all depends on your view point...

 Currently I am trying to implement incremental search into Viper search... As 
I said earlier, 2 <C-s> are too much for me..

 Could somebody give me a -SIMPLE- incremental search code. The one with 
package is too complex for me - I am just a 12 day old toddler.

 And I am repeating one of my previous requests here..

 Can I map <C-d> to generate a <C-c>. It is not about -define-key-... I need to 
map keys one step below that... When I press <C-d> I want the upper layers 
(mainly the elisp modules) to think that I have pressed <C-c>. Otherwise I will 
have to go around and remap the <C-c> in -every- module...

 Thanks for all the help...

:: Ligesh :: :: :: 


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