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Re: Minibuffer and Dabbrev problems

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: Minibuffer and Dabbrev problems
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 11:39:53 -0600
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K T Ligesh wrote:

 1) Minibuffer Error Messages:

  When I move around in the minibuffer, I get error messages like "End
  of History" and the message persists for a few seconds which is
  extremely irritating. I searched and found that the error messages
  are -built into- the search-previous-history commands etc..

You don't have to wait; the message will disappear as soon you type

  Is there anyway I can change it to a simple (ding)... I know I can
  redefine the whole function, but is there any other way?


  I could redifine the "error" function but I couldn't find a way to
  'return' smoothly out of a lisp function. Is that the standard way?

`error' is the standard way to fail to return.  See the "Errors" node of
the Emacs Lisp manual.

  Those error messages are really screwing up my brain. Sort of like
  speedbreakers that block my flow of thought.. So I would like some
  help before I go completely insane...

Relax, have a home brew.

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