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Minibuffer and Dabbrev problems

From: K T Ligesh
Subject: Minibuffer and Dabbrev problems
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:06:13 +0530
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 I am a new convert to the Church of Emacs; 10 days ago I was a hardcore Vim 
User. June 6th is a momentous day for me...

 But I am facing certain problems with Emacs.

 1) Minibuffer Error Messages:

  When I move around in the minibuffer, I get error messages like "End of 
History" and the message persists for a few seconds which is extremely 
irritating. I searched and found that the error messages are -built into- the 
search-previous-history commands etc..

  Is there anyway I can change it to a simple (ding)... I know I can redefine 
the whole function, but is there any other way?

  I could redifine the "error" function but I couldn't find a way to 'return' 
smoothly out of a lisp function. Is that the standard way?

  Those error messages are really screwing up my brain. Sort of like 
speedbreakers that block my flow of thought.. So I would like some help before 
I go completely insane... 

 2) My spite with Dabbrev is a little more complex..

 Is there a way to get the "PREVIOUS" Match in Dabbrev? 
 M-/ circulates through the matchlist in the forward direction, but since I am 
person who types faster than my eyes (Or my brain) can follow (And hence I 
catch the match only after it has been replaced by the next one), I need a 
mechanism to backtrack to the previous match of the Dabbrev..

 Again after reading the bloody function, I couldn't figure out a simple way to 
implement this..

 VIm's abbrev (C-n, C-p) mechanism can go in BOTH directions.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated... 

 Thanks in advance

:: Ligesh :: :: :: 

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