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plain printing

From: Keith O'Connell
Subject: plain printing
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 11:19:30 GMT
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        As I work through my list of problems and misunderstandings on
        my computers, it is now the turn of printing and I would
        appreciate some guidance.

        I have the software in the sig below. and a HP Laserjet 1200
        on a network conection. I am sure that the printer is set up
        OK as prints from AbiWord and Gnumeric come out just as they

        The problem is printing from Emacs. I can print the files fine
        if I select the "Postscript Print Buffer" option. It come out

        However, I want the basic print option to work, and when I
        select the less fancy "Print Buffer" option, all I get is a
        single sheet with the dtg, title and page number on the header
        line and nothing else!

        What am I likley to have done wrong? How do I get a basic
        print through a printer that is clearly working?

 [Debian (stable) & GNU Emacs 21.2.1 - Gnus v5.9.0]

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