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Re: plain printing

From: Keith O'Connell
Subject: Re: plain printing
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 09:06:11 GMT
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>>>>> "RT" == Rob Thorpe <address@hidden> writes:

    RT> Try doing lpr filename from the shell, see what happens, try
    RT> doing pr filename | lpr then you know if its emacs fault.
    RT> It's so long since modern printers have been exposed to raw
    RT> text that they have almost forgotten how to print it.  Finally
    RT> try using CR-LF line ends.  If you get really desparate read
    RT> the lpd manual.

I did as you suggested.

pr filename | lpr gave the header line with dtg, filename, page number

cat filename | lpr gave the top two lines I mentioned before,

Clearly then this is not an emacs problem, and unless anyone has an
option I should be looking at, I will repost this problem, slightly
revised into a more general linux group.


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