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Re: plain printing

From: Rob Thorpe
Subject: Re: plain printing
Date: 12 Jun 2003 01:32:46 -0700

Keith O'Connell <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> >>>>> "KG" == Kai Gro├čjohann <address@hidden> writes:
>     >> However, I want the basic print option to work, and when I
>     >> select the less fancy "Print Buffer" option, all I get is a
>     >> single sheet with the dtg, title and page number on the header
>     >> line and nothing else!
>     KG> Try M-x lpr-buffer RET, please.  Any error msg?  What happens?
> Well, I did that a on a buffer of 104 lines. I got no headers this
> time and only got the first two lines of the files
> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                               -*- Mode: outline -*-
> * order
> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
> Strangely the "* order" line was printed, right justified, whereas in
> the buffer itself it was hard over to the left.
> There were no error messages. What next?

Try doing lpr filename from the shell, see what happens, try doing pr
filename | lpr then you know if its emacs fault.  It's so long since
modern printers have been exposed to raw text that they have almost
forgotten how to print it.  Finally try using CR-LF line ends.  If you
get really desparate read the lpd manual.

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