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Re: [newbie] emacs flyspell not understands well accented chars

From: Mario Giammarco
Subject: Re: [newbie] emacs flyspell not understands well accented chars
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 20:32:43 GMT
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Oliver Scholz wrote:

> Mario Giammarco <address@hidden> writes:
> [...]
> O.k., o.k., o.k., sorry ... :-)
Obviously I shout not to offend you but just to be clear but..............

it was not a good idea to cut and paste!!!!!!!


> Unicode-whitespace characters from the range U+2000 to U+200F? This is
> the only case I know of that whitespace is treated as a symbol by the
> Lisp-reader. 
> But, as I said: this is just a very wild guess.


now it almost works

it gives me an error "invalid coding system iso-8859-15"
I have tried also iso-8859-1 now I will do other tries

> [...]
>> Thanks for the lisp mini tutorial!
>> But anyway I would like to know also emacs-lisp "api" to make my own
>> beautiful macros...
> In that case you should take my explanation with a grain of salt. It
> was meant to enable a programmer used to Algol-like languages to make
> some more or less educated guesses when exposed to a Lisp expression,
> no more.

I confess you that years ago I studied lisp in a AI course.
My best program was a 8 queen solver.
I took an example of prof or book or in internet I do not remember with 4
goto, but in my mind it was not an example of functional programming...
I rewrited it (with a lot of pain) in a self modifyng lisp code (the main
function build and returned a (function) to itself. If the (function) had
some code in it it executed the code, it it was empty the program had
The professor liked my code, but then I forgot lisp and "'" "quote" and
other things 

> When you find the time to do it, have a look at the "Introduction to
> Emacs Lisp" (elisp-intro) and the "Emacs Lisp Reference Manual", you
> can get both as Texinfo from
Perhaps 10 years ago these things were not in internet?

Any way it is 15 years that I am happy to use emacs to write my code.
I like it very much: syntax highlighting, follow mode, flyspell-mode (if it
works), etc etc etc

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