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Re: [newbie] emacs flyspell not understands well accented chars

From: Mario Giammarco
Subject: Re: [newbie] emacs flyspell not understands well accented chars
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:39:10 GMT
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Oliver Scholz wrote:

>> I obtain at the start of emacs this error: Symbol value as variable is
>> void
> This error message is about the symbol
> `ispell-local-dictionary-alist', I presume?
> Very, very strange, it seems to be preloaded on my Emacs. Does it
> work, if you put a
> (require 'ispell)
> immediately before the `(add-to-list ... )'?

I have put (require 'ispell) as you said but the error persists, this is the

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-variable               )
  (add-to-list (quote ispell-local-dictionary-alist)                (quote
("italianx"                  "[[:alpha:]]"                  "[^[:alpha:]]"      
"[']"  t                  ...                  "~latin1"  iso-8859-15)))
  eval-buffer(#<buffer  *load*> nil "~/.emacs" nil t)
  load-with-code-conversion("/home/giammarc/.emacs" "~/.emacs" t t)
  load("~/.emacs" t t)
  #[nil " 

> Aah, I suspected something like that.
> This expression is wrong. It doesn't give an error, of course, but in
> fact it does absolutely nothing.
Sigh I newer will be a lisp programmer :-(

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