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Re: [newbie] emacs flyspell not understands well accented chars

From: Mario Giammarco
Subject: Re: [newbie] emacs flyspell not understands well accented chars
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 17:11:45 GMT
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Oliver Scholz wrote:

>> I am doing something wrong I suppose because when I start flyspell it
>> asks for /usr/lib/ispell/italianx.hash and similar (it seems to ignore -d
>> italian)

> To test, what I have suggested, I have downloaded an Italian
> dictionary for my GNU/Linux system now, installed it and put the stuff
> I posted previously into my .emacs, thereby replacing
> "<italian-dictionary>" with "italian". (This is Debian stable.) I then
> set my language environment to "Latin-9"[1], visited a new file,
> inserted perché and did `M-x flyspell-mode RET'.
> Perfect. Works as expected. No problems.
Me too I have done the same thing. when I do flyspell-mode it says error
/usr/lib/ispell/italianx.hash not found.

I use debian unstable, but installed stable emacs.
Now I recheck all configuration, make some tests and post the results.

Please tell me if Latin-9 is a mule option in menu. 

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