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Re: Help producing the Alt modifier

From: Alexander Nikolov
Subject: Re: Help producing the Alt modifier
Date: 05 May 2003 01:25:22 +0000
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"Stefan Monnier" <> writes:

> >>>>> "Kai" == Kai Großjohann <address@hidden> writes:
> > translates <escape> into ESC (which is the same as C-[).  There is
> > also additional magic that makes M-x be the same as ESC x, but I
> > don't know how that works.  It's different magic, I think.
> Yes, that magic is hardcoded in keymap.c (mostly in access_keymap
> and Fdefine_key).  Note that it does not apply to Meta + function key,
> so ESC a == M-a but M-f8 != ESC f8.
> I think it would be interesting to make this less hard-coded and
> generalize it so that other modifiers can be mapped to prefixes.
>         Stefan

I think that my problem is relevant to the subject of this thread so
I'd post it here.  Does anybody have any clues as to why my Alt key is
working fine as a Meta modifier within X but does not trigger any
action within Emacs on the terminal. ESC is working both ways, but is
somewhat inconvenient.  I'm interested id ESC can be modified in such
a way that it acts _e_x_a_c_t_l_y like a Meta key.

Regards, Alexander

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