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Re: Help producing the Alt modifier

From: Bijan Soleymani
Subject: Re: Help producing the Alt modifier
Date: 03 May 2003 00:24:49 -0400
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Jeremy Bowen <address@hidden> writes:

> Within Emacs however if I do 'C-h k' and press Alt-x, Emacs tells me that it 
> is interpreting this as: M-x runs the command execute-extended-command.....
> How do I tell Emacs that when I press Alt, I really want the Alt- modifier 
> and not the Meta- modifier ? It seems to be getting "mod1" and interpreting 
> this as Meta instead of Alt!!! Or have I mis-understood this also.

In emacs "alt" doesn't really do much of anything. This is what my
(limited) experience with Sun keyboards has shown me (they have
seperate alt and meta keys). Most PCs lack a meta key so emacs uses
"alt" as "meta".

Ctrl and Meta are the standard modifiers in emacs.

Btw I don't know if this helps, but when I set my keyboard in XFree86
to be pc104 instead of pc101, I get "windows keys" as meta and alt as
alt in emacs.


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