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Re: Prevent fill-paragraph from adding a newline?

From: Gerald Wildgruber
Subject: Re: Prevent fill-paragraph from adding a newline?
Date: 05 May 2003 02:26:57 +0200
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"Stefan Monnier" <> writes:

> > Actually I don't think that this problem has anything to do with my using a
> > CVS version. And probably it wasn't you either who introduced this behavior
> > :-) If I remember correctly, this adding of a newline has always been the
> > case with M-q since I used emacs. Also, I remember faintly that as this
> > question came up already a long time ago, a reason was given for it (not a
> > bug but a feature) but I cannot remember what exactly it was and I didn't
> > find it on google.
> Oh, if you're talking about the additional newline at the end
> of the buffer, then I know what you're talking about and I'd be interested
> if you could help me find the relevant discussion (I'd like to get rid
> of this silly newline thing).

Sorry for my late answer, I have been offline for a couple of days.

I'll retry to find this discussion either through gockel or on my local
drive :-) and post a link if I succeed in finding it again.


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