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Trouble Printing from GNU Emacs 20.7.1 on WinXP

From: C Lopez
Subject: Trouble Printing from GNU Emacs 20.7.1 on WinXP
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 14:23:26 -0700


Like them user who posted the msg "Printing from Emacs" at some point last
week, I'm having trouble setting up GNU Emacs 20.7.1 to print.

I downloaded a zipped package of "w32-print" .el files from the website
ref'd under "Tech Specs" to help with invoking printing.

What I want to print: nothing complicated. I just want to be able to print
plain-text, straight from Emacs.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


----- Tech Specs -----
                 OS: WinXP Pro
            Printer: HP Deskjet 712C ("HP712C") on LPT1:
                     (No software for Postscript or Ghostcript - is there
any for HP?)
          EmacsVers: GNU 20.7.1
                     (Yes, I need to upgrade...)
"w32-print" Package: zipped package "w32-print-1_13_4"

----- Methods for invoking "print-buffer," and Result -----
1. M-x print-buffer --> Nothing happens.
    <*Messages* Buffer>
    Loading lpr...
    Loading lpr...done
    Spooling with options (page headers are not supported)...
    Spooling with options (page headers are not supported)...done

2. Tools>Print>Print-Buffer  -OR-  M-x w32-print-buffer
   --> Nothing happens, error message in minibuffer
    <*Messages* Buffer>
    printing to LPT1 ...
    Wrong number of arguments: #<subr eq>, 4  ;; Error Msg

;; ----- "Print" Code in my .emacs file: -----

(defvar my-site-lisp  (concat (getenv "emacs_dir") "/site-lisp"))

  (add-to-list 'load-path (concat my-site-lisp "/w32-print-1_13_4"))


   ;; General
   w32-print-use-faces nil            ; disable color, etc
   w32-print-zap-spool-file t         ; delete temp file
   w32-print-paper-type 'letter
   w32-print-with-line-numbers t
   w32-print-enable-keymappings nil   ; disable keyboard shortcuts
   w32-print-lpr-draft-prefix ""

   ;; Plain printer
   w32-print-lpr-destination "LPT1"
   w32-print-lpr-path (concat my-site-lisp "/w32-print-1_13_4/bin")

  ;; Use it
  (load "w32-print")

----- END "Print" Code in my .emacs file -----
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