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Junk characters in Emacs shell buffer

From: Craig Jennings
Subject: Junk characters in Emacs shell buffer
Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 01:59:52 GMT
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Hi All,

Hi All,

Whenever I switch to the shell in Emacs and list files, I see junk
characters before the file names. I'm a bit of a Unix newbie and am
guessing that this has to do with colors that Emacs isn't interpreting

For instance: 

[Sat May  3 06:39pm] MadPenguin : ~/projects/wordguess
$ ls
CVS  fileio.cpp  fileio.h  makefile  
#test.cpp#  test.cpp  wordguess.cpp  words.txt

[Sat May  3 06:39pm] MadPenguin : ~/projects/wordguess

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get rid of the junk


-- Craig

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