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Re: How to make emacs auto-recognize utf-8 encoded files upon visiting

From: Charles Muller
Subject: Re: How to make emacs auto-recognize utf-8 encoded files upon visiting
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 16:00:18 +0900 (JST)

Eli wrote,

> You need to install Unicode fonts as explained in the file INSTALL in the 
> Emacs distribution.

Due to my concerns with CJK and Unicode, this was the first thing I did when
I set up my Emacs.

I should reiterate: Since I already have a solution in the form of
TEI-Emacs, it doesn't matter to me so much personally whether or not this issue 
solved here. But I would like to point out that although there has been much
generous advice offered on the matter, I haven't heard a subsequent response
from anyone who has been *successful* with this--and I mean in a real UTF-8
environment, and not the 7-bit HELLO file.

This is also a true among my colleagues in East Asian studies who are using
Emacs. Every one of them that I know who has handled the problem
successfully has done so through the TEI extension. So until we hear
otherwise from someone who has succeeded, and can tell us how, I would
suggest that it is simply not doable with the present build of Emacs, and
that we should just admit it.


Charles Muller  <address@hidden>
Faculty of Humanities,  Toyo Gakuen University
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism and CJKV-English Dictionary 
Mobile Phone: 090-9310-1787

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