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[h-e-w] Re: Another problem with MinGW shell in Emacs: directory trackin

From: Kai Grossjohann
Subject: [h-e-w] Re: Another problem with MinGW shell in Emacs: directory tracking
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 17:23:13 +0200
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Bill Pringlemeir <address@hidden> writes:

> The MSys is a bash like shell.  I have never tried to get it to work
> under Emacs... I don't think that is what Kai is doing?

It is exactly what I'm doing.  I installed MinGW and MSYS, so it's
difficult for me to always exactly separate the two.  Anyhow, one of
them includes a sh.exe, and that's what I'm trying to run under Emacs.

Except for the filename issues, it seems to work quite well.

> What!  Why are you using outlook?  There are many mail programs
> running Emacs that work fine with the crap Outlook produces.  There is
> an open source "tnef" project that you can compile with the mingw
> tools.

When I arrived at work, I was shown my desk which had a PC under it
with a plain W2K install (plus MS Office).  That's when the fun
started; I had never (seriously, for more than 10 minutes at a time,
say) used Windows before.

So I found out how to switch the kbd layout from DE to EN.  I also
found out how to move keys around, and now I've got the escape and
control keys in sane positions.  And I found Windows PowerPro,
AllChars, and allSnap.

Of course, using Gnus to read my mail did cross my mind rather early
on.  But the other stuff was more important.  Then I had a look and
found out the host name of the imap server.  Then I tried to telnet to
its port 143.  It replied.  Good.  Now comes the problem, what's the
login and password to use?  It seems that Outlook does Windows NT
authentication with the Exchange server.  I tried the login/password
that I use when I log in to Windows.  No go.  I then went to a person
to ask him about getting an IMAP account.  He was quite reluctant to
let me use something else, saying that he was happy that the Exchange
server was running and he was afraid if you touch it in a new way, it
might break apart.  Also, he didn't seem to know anything about
Exchange server configuration.  (There is also a systems management
department, but I got the message that it is best not to talk to
them for such trivialities.  They work on serious stuff like a burning
keyboard or a failed disk.)

I'm welcoming any comments on this.  Maybe I just need to reverse my
password, or add the machine name to the login, in order for the
Exchange server to let me in.  Then I'd be very happy.  Then I'd need
to use Outlook just for confirming meeting appointments.  I get about
one of those per month, so it's not too terrible ;-)
Two cafe au lait please, but without milk.

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