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Re: [Health-i18n] The translation process

From: Parviz HomayunNezhad
Subject: Re: [Health-i18n] The translation process
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 21:53:30 +0330

Hi all,
i'm in Translation  Time at Translation Server, with choice health Progect,
I have a list of words in English in lift side and other side Blank box,
I translate the term or sentence into Persian and Submit,
Did i make a mistake to use Submit?

With respect
Parviz Homayun

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 9:20 PM, Luis Falcon <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Parviz !

Thanks for the feedback !
On Wed, 24 Jan 2018 20:27:02 +0330
Parviz HomayunNezhad <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Dear Luis,
> for example this now I translat GNUHEALTH/health/locale/health-fa.po
> All words are duplicate and repetitive like ID , Name , create Date,
> and lot...
> Register the translation of each single word for each form and each
> section of genu-health
> Is not this time-consuming process?
The .po template file for each module is generated automatically when
exporting the strings. That file is then imported into Pootle, so you
can then translate them online.

What you would see in Pootle when you start working on the translation
is the string, the context, the value and a possible suggestion, based
on the Translation Memory. So, once the same string is translated, the
repeated values should show up as a suggestion, so no need to re-type

Hope this clears a bit your question, but please let us know if you
have any further doubts or suggestions on this matter.

PS: Make sure you use "reply all" when replying, so the mailing list
address is on the recipients (eg, for this case, address@hidden),
so the rest of the team gets the message too.

All the best

> On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 7:56 PM, Luis Falcon <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi Parviz !
> >
> > On Wed, 24 Jan 2018 19:53:00 +0330
> > Parviz HomayunNezhad <address@hidden> wrote:
> >
> > > Hi all,
> > > I think this translation process has an issue,
> > > The repetitive vocabulary table is rising
> > > Does not this process lead to overhead of the system?
> > > The number of duplicate words and their individual registration is
> > > correct? Sophisticated sentences need to be interpreted, but do
> > > each word need it? Is there no better solution?
> >
> > I am not sure to understand you. Do you mean the repeated words are
> > rising on the Pootle translation server or in the source ?
> >
> > What you usually get in Pootle are suggestions. I agree that we
> > need to do contextual translation.
> >
> > Best,
> > Luis
> >

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