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Re: [Gwm-general] Fw: GWM Style Guide

From: Tabatha Persad
Subject: Re: [Gwm-general] Fw: GWM Style Guide
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 20:06:32 -0700

Hi Ramakrishnan,

Ok, I just gave that a try, and when I got to the line to checkout the files
it told me that it could not execute a command called address@hidden
(I tried putting in my userid tabatha3 there as well and it still said the
same thing).

When I tried typing: cvs -z3 login address@hidden:/webcvs it
would have worked except it was looking for a password, even though I had
typed the first command you'd given me.

I did add an ssh key to Savannah to make sure I didn't have this problem,
but it appears I am missing something.

I'm going to go do some reading, but in the meantime, if you can think of
something I may be doing wrong, please let me know!


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From: "Ramakrishnan M" <address@hidden>
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Subject: Re: [Gwm-general] Fw: GWM Style Guide

> >>> "Tabatha" == Tabatha Persad <address@hidden> writes:
>     Tabatha>  I've got the account setup at, complete
with SSH key, per
>     Tabatha>  Mark Weaver's instructions, but now that I'm done that part
I didn't really
>     Tabatha>  know where to go from here.  Could you tell me what my next
steps are?  I'm
>     Tabatha>  not even sure if this completes the access I need to the
> First you have to do
>   export CVS_RSH=ssh
> This makes sure that you use SSH for authentication.
> Now you can checkout the files by
>   cvs -z3 address@hidden:/webcvs/  co  project
> Sourceforge has some HOWTOs which I remember seeing. But I too don't know
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