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Re: [Gwm-general] Fw: GWM Style Guide

From: Tabatha Persad
Subject: Re: [Gwm-general] Fw: GWM Style Guide
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 15:21:49 -0700

Hi there Guylhem,

> On Thu, 11 Apr 2002, Tabatha Persad wrote:
> > > I haven't started to put one together, but I've been thinking about
> > > I've been trying to contribute to the changing of the LDP Style Guide.
> > >
> > > Would you like one independent of that project?  It's probably
something I
> > > can tackle!
> Is your account on fencepost now working?

I've got the account setup at, complete with SSH key, per
Mark Weaver's instructions, but now that I'm done that part I didn't really
know where to go from here.  Could you tell me what my next steps are?  I'm
not even sure if this completes the access I need to the project!

> Due to some university worload I will not be able to do a lot during
> april. I could send you the various html files to be put online on
> It uses cvs to submit documents.

I can take care of that once I get everything situated.  I'm fairly new at
CVS so if you have any pointers... I know where to find documentation on how
to submit, but I have CVS stuff for LDP, not sure if that interferes?  I
assume CVS encompasses everything I do within CVS but like I said, I'm a
newbie there.

> > > Also, when you have the GWM site up, I'd like to link to it.  I am
> > planning
> > > to buy a domain name shortly.  I wouldn't mind even finding a way to
> > mirror
> > > it, as I have plenty of hosting options available to me over here
> > > techie friends!).
> My hint : get a .info. The DNS is marvellous there, and you can find
> whatever you want (I have for my personal website - the
> french equivalent of :-)

I'll have to look into that, although I'm not sure where to get it!


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