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[bug#55231] [PATCH v1] initrd: Allow extra search paths with ‘initrd-ext

From: Kaelyn
Subject: [bug#55231] [PATCH v1] initrd: Allow extra search paths with ‘initrd-extra-module-paths’
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 12:34:19 +0000

Hi again,

Regarding the documentation example, one (contrived) alternative is:

For example, if you need the driver for a Realtek RTL8821CE wireless network 
adapter for mounting the root filesystem over NFS, your configuration might 
include the following:

  ;; @dots{}
  (initrd-modules (cons "8821ce" %base-initrd-modules))
  (kernel-loadable-modules (list (list rtl8821ce-linux-module "module"))))
@end lisp

While I don't have the hardware, I did verify the kernel module name by 
building the rtl8821ce-linux-module package.


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