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[bug#55231] [PATCH v1] initrd: Allow extra search paths with ‘initrd-ext

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#55231] [PATCH v1] initrd: Allow extra search paths with ‘initrd-extra-module-paths’
Date: Fri, 03 Jun 2022 09:27:14 +0200
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Brian Cully <> skribis:

> Ludovic Courtès <> writes:
>> I wonder if we could reuse the ‘kernel-loadable-modules’ field for
>> this
>> purpose instead of introducing a new field.  We’d need to pass it to
>> the
>> initrd procedures and have them search in there in addition to the
>> kernel package, pretty much like this patch already does actually.
> This sounds like it could be made to work as you suggest. My feeling
> is that the two contexts are slightly different, though, as the Linux
> modules are a superset of the initrd modules,

Right.  Here, we want the initrd machinery to search for modules in any
place where they can be found, which is either ‘kernel’ or

One could define ‘initrd-extra-module-paths’ to be different from
‘kernel-loadable-modules’, for example if you can be sure the module
will be loaded from the initrd and not after, but in general both are
likely to have the same value, no?

>> Nitpick: the GNU convention is to use “path” to denote “search
>> paths”,
>> and other “file”, “file name”, or similar.  In this case, that’d be
>> “kernel module” or “Linux module”.
> I struggled with this a fair amount, actually. What these file-likes
> actually represent is an element of a search path, even if they come
> in the odd form of a file-like object, which is why I used
> ‘path’. ‘file’ seems wrong, as it implies (to me) that it’s the
> ‘initrd-extra-module-files’ option itself that would include the
> module, rather than the ‘initrd-modules’ option.

Hmm right, you have a point!  :-)

> When I get some time (hopefully soon!) I’ll try to thread
> ‘kernel-loadable-modules’ through instead and see how far I can get
> with that approach. Do you think the documentation for it will need to
> be updated to specify that it’s also used as a search path for initrd
> building? Or maybe the better option is to update the documentation
> for ‘initrd-modules’ to say that it uses ‘kernel-loadable-modules’ as
> input?

I think you should update the documentation in the commit that changes
things, so that the patch is self-contained.

It may be enough to state in the documentation of the ‘initrd-modules’
field that its value is a list of module names that are searched for in
‘kernel’ and ‘kernel-loadable-modules’.



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