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[bug#55231] [PATCH v1] initrd: Allow extra search paths with ‘initrd-ext

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [bug#55231] [PATCH v1] initrd: Allow extra search paths with ‘initrd-extra-module-paths’
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2022 17:54:54 +0200
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Hello Brian,

Brian Cully <> skribis:

> From: Brian Cully <>
> This patch allows copying of out-of-tree kernel modules to the Linux
> initrd.
> For out-of-tree modules to found, an extra slot has been added to
> ‘operating-system’: ‘initrd-extra-module-paths’, which contains a list
> containing items of either FILE-LIKE or (FILE-LIKE OUTPUT) which will be
> searched for modules in addition to the standard Linux module path. The
> required modules can then be added to ‘initrd-modules’ as normal and all paths
> will be searched for it, including for any modules depended on.
> * doc: Update documentation for ‘initrd-extra-module-paths’.
> * gnu/build/linux-modules.scm (find-module-file): change DIRECTORY argument to
> DIRECTORIES. Now takes a list of directories to search, rather than a single
> one.
> * gnu/system.scm <operating-system>: Add INITRD-EXTRA-MODULE-PATHS
> field and accessor. Takes a list of file-like objects.
> * gnu/system/linux-initrd.scm (flat-linux-module-directory): change LINUX
> argument to PACKAGES. Now contains a list of file-likes to search for modules.
> (raw-initrd): Add LINUX-EXTRA-MODULE-PATHS keyword argument. Pass it
> to (flat-linux-extra-module-paths) along with the selected LINUX package.
> (base-initrd): Add LINUX-EXTRA-MODULE-PATHS keyword argument. Pass it
> to (raw-initrd).

Nice, it looks like a welcome addition.

> +If a module listed in @code{initrd-modules} is not included in the
> +Linux-libre kernel, then the location to it must be added to the
> +@code{initrd-extra-module-paths} list.  For example, if your root file
> +system exists on a ZFS pool, then your configuration might look like the
> +following:
> +
> +@lisp
> +(operating-system
> +  ;; @dots{}
> +  (initrd-modules (cons "zfs" %base-initrd-modules))
> +  (initrd-extra-module-paths (list (list zfs "module"))))
> +@end lisp

I wonder if we could reuse the ‘kernel-loadable-modules’ field for this
purpose instead of introducing a new field.  We’d need to pass it to the
initrd procedures and have them search in there in addition to the
kernel package, pretty much like this patch already does actually.


Nitpick: the GNU convention is to use “path” to denote “search paths”,
and other “file”, “file name”, or similar.  In this case, that’d be
“kernel module” or “Linux module”.

Thank you!


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